Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve and Anticipation

Anticipation is delicious. The heart races, attention sharpens, excitement brings boatloads of energy and enthusiasm!

Christmas, with decorating the tree, candlelight services, and of course the gifts, has always been a time of anticipation. After Thanksgiving, when December begins, it's like a countdown. Decorations come out, there's a radio station dedicated to the music of the season, and the bell people come out of the woodwork in front of every store.

Christmas Eve was the height of it all. The night before, when the thrill had built over each passing day, the pile of gifts growing beneath the tree, the curiosity of it all just couldn't be denied. Shaking boxes, making guesses as to what was what. It was a family game to figure out what everyone was getting.

We got to open one present on Christmas Eve. It was like whetting our appetites for the next day, giving some satisfaction, but still...there were the rest of them! Just waiting. And of course, try getting us to sleep when we got home after the midnight candlelight service.

Still, we waited for the gifts until the next day, when we could really enjoy them. The next day, it was all about ripping up paper, exploring our gifts and our imaginations, and being incredibly thankful that we could experience it all together.

This year I'm thankful for the people I have in my life, each and every one! Love is the true gift this year. Well, that and the Doctor Who Christmas special, but...I'm a geek that way!

What are your Christmas Eve traditions? Do you agree about the anticipation that precedes Christmas?

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it! May you have joy on this day.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Feeding the Beast is Released!

Hey guys! Today's the day! Feeding the Beast is now up on the site and ready to buy (and hey, you can get a release day discount, which is pretty nifty).

I'm really excited, because this was really the little story that could. I started writing it a few years ago, and it went through fits and starts, with me trying to make it longer once I got it finished. The story itself would have none of that, no matter what I tried.

It's intense, hot, and full of woman-on-woman loving as Naomi earns her new role in the pack from Jewel. Below is the blurb, the buy link, and the cover! Go check it out, and I sure do hope you enjoy it! 

Buy it here!

Naomi has always been one of the most submissive members of her pack. It is for that reason that she has received the honor of becoming the Stigma, a rank higher than any she could have expected, but one that requires a certain spirit in the one who serves. Marked by Eric, the Master of her pack, Naomi will serve through sex, blood, and the utter willingness to submit.

Jewel is the Mistress of the pack. Mated to Eric, she is now bound for months without being able to shift forms. Her inner-wolf must be given an outlet in order to maintain harmony in the pack. The Stigma feeds her beast, her soul, and tames what is otherwise untamable. Jewel must come together with Naomi in a partnership that requires no boundaries for her trapped wolf.

From bondage in the cabin, to erotic moonlit hunts through the woods, Jewel and Naomi take each other on a journey through the nights of the full moon. When the nights come to an end, Jewel has to decide whether Naomi is the best choice for feeding the beast within.