Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hello everyone!

It's Samhain tonight, and that speaks to me of the perfect time to begin something new. So, here I am, with a brand new blog of my very own that I'll hopefully keep up with.

Sometimes my attention span leaves a bit to be desired.

Still! I have had a wonderful evening, filled with cute costume-goers coming to my door, and it's put me in a fantastic mood. I also reached a milestone on a story I'm working on, Lady of the Pack, which makes me even happier.

I'll see if I can add to this blog twice per week, if not more often, with information about what I'm writing, what I'm reading, and perhaps even some kinky treats that I'd love to delve into. BDSM is a huge part of my life, and I think about aspects of it on a daily basis.

For tonight though, have a beautiful evening!

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