Friday, November 1, 2013

Multiple partners in romance

I'm reading a lot of stories where the HEA involves more than two partners.  And I have to say, I really enjoy it! My life has been such that I've been able to experience a few different relationship dynamics, from polyamory to where I am now, which is monogamy with options. It's just as much fun for me to read stories where three find happiness, or four, as with two living happily together.

My stories tend to involve multiple partners, but thus far haven't had as much of a polyamorous bent until Feeding the Beast. I'm fascinated with all sorts of relationship shape dynamics, from polyamory to swinging to monogamy. I like to explore how my characters can make it work when there is more than one person to work things out with, whether they are sexual play partners that stay for a night or two, or romantic partners that join the family. When more than two are involved, even one night of pleasure can change the dynamic, the emotions, the interactions. Heck, changing up the relationship dynamic between two people for one night can change things too! People are complicated.

These dynamics can flow very easily into the Lifestyle and/or kinky aspects of my stories, but they are separate. For me, the Lifestyle is an internal growth experienced through external measure. Being kinky doesn't predispose someone towards multiple partners, anymore than being vanilla predisposes someone towards monogamy. People are different, unique, and will form unique relationships that suit them over the courses of their lives.

So, my questions for you guys are: what is your favorite relationship style to read about, and why? Or do you have more than one favorite? The alluring twosome? The tantalizing threesome? Or even the provocative  foursome?

Let me know! I'd love to hear all the details!

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