Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Deviance - Kink and Romance

Romance comes in many different flavors. In BDSM, "being romantic" might mean any number of different things.

Your lover might give you flowers, and long, drugging kisses. Or your lover might grab you by the hair, dip you back, and ravage your mouth.

You might give your paramour a pretty, romantic Hallmark card. Or you might make something by hand that includes a ton of sparkles and hand-drawn hearts.

It could mean a long night of hot, smokin' sex, or a scene that involves whips, floggers, and maybe even a sex toy or two.

In the world of kink, we sometimes go into it because it's not soft, not slow, and definitely not traditionally romantic. But there's something about bringing a little romance into things, especially if you love and are in love with your partner. Showing romance with kinky sprinkles added can add a new dimension to kink, a heady flavor to an already intense experience. And if your roses come with thorns on purpose...who's to say that isn't romance?

It can also give people a chance to fly their freak flag a little higher! Giving your partner a little something extra on V-day isn't unusual at all, and discussing your fantasies over some chocolate covered strawberries can be some of the best foreplay.

So, with all that said, I hope you have a very sexy Valentine's Day, whatever your level of kink, and whatever your relationship status. Seduction begins with you!

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