Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Deviance - A Little Bit Little

Littles. Bigs. Middles. I'm talkin' ageplay here today. (Note: ageplay involves consenting adults acting out a power imbalance where one participant is the nurturer, and the other is the nurtured.)

Have you ever gotten excited about something from your childhood? That giddy feeling over a re-release of a TV show, or seeing books that you read as a child and getting that nostalgic sense of wonder all over again?

Ageplay can be very much like that. In fact, it's almost exactly like that. I will say that this is a rather complex topic, so let's start off with the definitions as I understand them (because, as with most things in the Lifestyle, opinions vary).

Bigs - The one in charge, who nurtures, indulges, disciplines, and cares for a Little. Usual titles - Daddy, Mommy, Uncle, Aunt, etc. Sometimes chronologically older, but never an actual blood relation. These are titles only.

Littles - The one who is subservient. Who lets themselves experience life/scenes without the filter of adulthood and responsibility for a time. Plays, colors, lacks some impulse control, experiences everything in the present moment, and often has an abundance of enthusiasm. Usual titles - girl, boy, babygirl, babyboy, little one, etc. Sometimes chronologically younger than their partner, always above legal age, never an actual blood relation. These are titles only.

Middles - One who may switch between Big and Little role, or takes up a role that's in between. Usual titles - Big Brother, Big Sister, Babysitter, etc. Like it says on the tin. Always above legal age, no blood relations, etc.

Okay, definitions are out of the way!

Ageplay can come with accoutrements such as coloring books, pigtails, special outfits, pacifiers, even diapers (though that's more for a distinct aspect of ageplay, rather than in general). Ageplay is a state of mind, one that allows you to regress safely to a time where the only worries were which butterflies to chase and whether your crayons were the really big box of Crayolas. Or heck, to even throw a tantrum, or experience negative emotions as they happen, without having to be the "responsible" one.

This dynamic isn't one of damaged people, which is an opinion I've heard before. Certainly, some people missed out on having a childhood of innocence, and wish to experience aspects of that. Others had perfectly normal (whatever normal is) lives, and just enjoy being able to behave in a childish manner for awhile. To believe that kissing boo-boos makes it all better, and not focus on bills, jobs, responsibilities.

As with many dynamics, it can be done in several ways. 24/7, if life allows, but often at-home only, or during specific scenes. Just as kink isn't necessarily a sexual thing, neither is ageplay, though it can be as well. It's all up to the participants. And if anyone wishes to say ew, or who would do such a thing, may I direct you to the huge amount of porn dedicated to school outfits, pigtails, and play such as that?

An oft-misunderstood dynamic, it's not for everyone. Some participants focus on going into this headspace, and others are naturally Little-like, or young at heart, or naturally dominant and nurturing, Big-like. With any kink, your mileage may vary.

And if you don't like it? No worries! We always abide by, "Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay too."

Enjoy your kinks, your deviance, and always play safe, sane, and consensual!

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