Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Musings: Playing with Rope

We played with rope! MDR and I have some lovely red rope that we like to use, and he decided to practice some things on my feet.  Foot rope bondage can be really useful. Spread the legs, hoist them up, hold them in place...very versatile!

I definitely recommend playing with rope. I don't mean going to classes that teach kinbaku, or even western rope, though those are awesome if you can find any groups in your area that teach. But there's something nice about just getting out rope and doing stuff. Throwing it around, playing with knots you don't know the names of, and just getting the feel of it.

It can be sexy, but it can also be relaxing and fun. I actually fell asleep one afternoon as M. put rope on me. I got lulled by the rhythm of the ropes. It was really nice. Here's the most recent rope play. M.'s foot has a minor role in one of the pics. ;)

So that's about it for now. Anybody else play with toys this past week?


Dakota Trace said...

Very pretty, Dena! I love rope :) A bit too much probably. But that's okay.

Unknown said...

@Dakota - O.O There's...too much? Naaaw. ;)