Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Floggus Interruptus: Pets Don't Understand Privacy

So, we made our lovely paracord floggers, and decided to test one out. (It felt awesome, by the way!)

It's really hard to have a nice flogging session when our dog comes out to investigate our noise with these huge, shining brown eyes that look so concerned, and a hesitant little tail wag that speaks volumes. Like he's asking, "Daddy, what are you doing to mommy?"

It's kinda hard to maintain that sexy mood with all that uncertainty radiating out from him. So instead we comfort him and have a cuddle pile while we watch a movie.

Ah, the glamorous kinky lives we lead. grins


Unknown said...

I feel your pain (*heh*)

It's amazing how difficult it can be to play (or have sex) with animals watching you. It's almost as bad as a person watching sometimes!

We have two cats, a tuxedo and a marmalade tabby. The marmalade used to enjoy popping up from behind the headboard and not going away no matter how many times we bopped her! She doesn't do that anymore, but she now meows each and every time my Sir lands a stroke when we're doing percussion play! It can be cute, irritating, or make us laugh so hard we have to stop the scene.

The tuxedo is very much my cat, and he's very protective of me. When we first got him, he would watch my Sir very intently when we played, like your dog. We were doing a scene where I was kneeling in the corner. He got between me and the wall and stared up at me like, "Are you consenting to this? I've got 911 on speed dial." It was so cute! (Since it happens a lot, he's gotten used to it and is conspicuously absent when we play, like, "You keep doing this over and over, but I don't get it and I want no part of it!")

How was the flogger...while you actually got to use it? I've heard a lot about paracord floggers but never experienced one.

Pets. (Also, I totally expected this to be about human pets and I was intrigued about the lack of privacy)

Unknown said...

@T. Strange - Oh, I know! Pup has popped his head out of his blankets while we have sex some nights, and just gives us this disgusted look before going back under his blankets, LOL.

That is adorable! Pup is...concerned about our play. He wants to know why we all can't just get along. He doesn't quite get that Mommy is being loud because she likes it. Loud = bad. Quiet = sleepy = good.

The flogger was awesome! With the amount of falls (10 loops), it's quite thuddy, but with enough sting that you get a good bit of both. And the SOUND! You know the whipping-through-the-air sound? This gives you that in spades, without having to put much force behind it.

I'll see about posting a picture at some point. I have a new computer, so I'm still figuring things out (Windows 8.1).

...I might should do a post on human pets. I'll definitely add that to the list!