Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Musings: Zombies and Edits

Well, it's Monday, so last night I spent my time watching The Walking Dead (and drooled over Andrew Lincoln on The Talking Dead afterwards). It's one of my favorite shows, and the finale definitely lived up to some of my hopes and dreams. I was cheering at certain parts, and if anyone else saw the finale, they probably know exactly which ones!

Now, come Autumn, the season 5 premiere had better have lots of carnage and bloodshed. Funny enough, not every episode has lots of it. It's due! So come on TWD writers, give the fans what we so desire!

In other news, I'm progressing on the edits and expansion of Her Master's Gift, and foresee 3000 words or more added to the original word count total. Between writing and the Lifestyle, the experiences I've gained since I first wrote the story add an additional depth I feel will be appreciated. I'm also having tons of fun with these additions!

What about you guys? Any favorite shows out there that exceeded expectations? Or books, for that matter?

Have a happy Monday!


Unknown said...

*heh* I'm not allowed to watch TWD because my Sir knows there are things that'll upset me. But I'm not really into post-apocalyptic/zombie movies or shows.

Yay editing buddies! Well, I'm sort of editing. I'm waiting for my wife to finish rereading, so I can go over her changes and move onto the next stages of editing.

So mostly I'm watching Supernatural, playing Pokémon, and reading Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. And marketing. And getting A-Z's ready. And working at the bakery. Okay I guess I'm still working hard, even if I'm not writing!

Unknown said...

@T. Strange - Heck yeah, you're still working hard! I've been mostly focused on work-work (which is everything that isn't writing-work) myself, which has made editing a challenge. Especially since work-work is on the computer, so any time I'm not doing that, I feel a bit guilty, LOL.

Hehe, my hubby got me hooked on TWD, and the characters have kept me there. Some things make me cringe, but I'm a fan of revenge movies, so...the bloody bits for revenge make me happy.

Yay for editing buddies! *hugs* Hey, waiting for feedback and other edits IS editing. It's just the "hurry up and wait" part.

I've not really watched Supernatural, though a couple of my soul sisters are obsessed with it, and a particular slash pairing.

You work at a bakery? That sounds kinda nifty!