Wednesday, March 26, 2014

From Hearts on Fire Reviews - 2.5 stars “A fun, sexy little read.”

Hey guys! Well, Feeding the Beast has received its first review from Vivian at Hearts on Fire Reviews. I thank her for the time spent reading and writing her thoughts about the story down. 

Author: Dena Celeste
Reviewed by: Vivian
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC
Genre: M/F/F
ISBN 13: N/A
Rating: ★★½☆☆ 
Naomi has always been one of the most submissive members of her pack. It is for that reason that she has received the honor of becoming the Stigma, a rank higher than any she could have expected, but one that requires a certain spirit in the one who serves. Marked by Eric, the Master of her pack, Naomi will serve through sex, blood, and the utter willingness to submit.
Jewel is the Mistress of the pack. Mated to Eric, she is now bound for months without being able to shift forms. Her inner-wolf must be given an outlet in order to maintain harmony in the pack. The Stigma feeds her beast, her soul, and tames what is otherwise untamable. Jewel must come together with Naomi in a partnership that requires no boundaries for her trapped wolf.
From bondage in the cabin to erotic moonlit hunts through the woods, Jewel and Naomi take each other on a journey through the nights of the full moon. But when the nights come to an end, Jewel has to decide whether Naomi is the best choice for feeding the beast within…
Genres: Lesbian / Dark Fantasy / Werewolf / Ménage (F/F/M) / Group Sex / Bisexual (F/F) / BDSM / Exhibitionism / Public Places

Review: This is a dive right in werewolf tale of lust and submission.
The blurb sounds more ominous than the story. While it is F/f, the play is light with minimal rope bondage and a lot of pussy worshipping. Which is eagerly and pleasurably presented with a great deal of reciprocity considering the Alpha female/Omega female pairing.
Naomi, is the omega of the pack and brought forward to service the pregnant Alpha female while she can’t shift.The title and status given to the pack member given this duty is Stigma. The reasons why are sketchy, more you just need to except it as the premise for the story. There are a few details like that are missing from the storytelling which lack clarity and make this more a one-handed read. We only spend the three nights with Jewel and Naomi, so whatever happens during the day when more story could have been developed isn’t. This is three nights of sexual servitude and not much else.
That said, it’s pretty hot if that’s what you want. I guess I’d hoped it would have been developed more. There is brief public activity in front of the pack and light humiliation via language used that asserts Jewel’s dominance over Naomi. Written from Naomi’s viewpoint, she is always humble and deferring to the alpha pair. She also services the Alpha male, Eric while with her mistress Jewel. Her role is bonded to Jewel, but in service to the pair.
The only bit that might seem a bit odd to some and made me wonder and reread twice,again for clarity, was the partial shift during sex. Apparently wolf tongues have a bit more to offer than a human one does. Flirting with bestiality, but not really going there. That and some claws for marking, which is the extent of the bloodplay which I had expected more from the blurb. I actually expected quite a bit more sadomasochism.
Fun, sexy little read.

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