Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings: Romancing the Brrrr!

I live in Florida. I always have, and I foresee staying here for a long time to come. But recently, I moved from South Florida to Central Florida. You wouldn't think it would be that big of a difference, but you'd be wrong. The mercurial temperatures (yesterday it was 72°F, and tomorrow it'll be 34°F) has been a bit jarring, definitely enough to make me wish I had a better cold-weather wardrobe! 

Still, there are some benefits to beautiful chilly weather. One of my favorites is cuddling. Lots of closeness and grabbing onto my hubby to curl up in his arms. To share our warmth with each other, and to spend some good quality time together.

Human touch is very important, and the more good energy we put behind each touch, the better! Hugging has been shown to improve mood in the same way that laughter does. I know that I get more relaxed with some nice cuddling.

Of course, cuddling can lead to other fun things. *winks*

Any of you taking advantage of the cooler weather for fun times? How do you turn the cold into something warm and romantic? 


Paul McDermott said...

Lucky, lucky Florida: + degrees, in January!! :)
I sympathise with parts of the US currently experiencing record low temps of c. -30°C.
We've had a mean average of -10°C (plus 'windchill factor') on this side of The Pond for over a month.
I've experienced REAL winter temps (as low as -50°C)in Scandinavian winters, but all that's required is SENSIBLE clothing (layer on layer, creating air pockets).
Six months of close cuddling is, of course, an attractive proposition. Alternatively, I've just finished writing a couple of HOT scenes in a novel about Global Warming ... imagination is a wonderful distraction! LOL

Unknown said...

Hey Paul, thanks for the comment!

Yeah, I have no idea what I'd do with myself with "real" winter temps. This is real enough for us. I'm a native Floridian, so my blood is nice and thin.

Mmm, hot scenes can be nice, provided they're the right type. ;) And yes, imagination is a wonderful distraction!

Unknown said...

Now I understand what you mean about the temperature going back and forward!

I do love winter and the fact it is cool enough to do some serious snuggling. I am naturally very cold so in winter I spend my nights tucked right up against my wife... and it is so easy for that to lead to more... which is NEVER a bad thing!